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After five long months, we have finally reopened.

Opening Hours Here

To book a table, please email us:

The Rule of Six or Two Households applies; the ‘substantial meal’ rule has been scrapped, so you can come in for a drink and you don’t have to buy a Scotch Egg!

You will need to wear a mask when you enter the pub, but masks can be removed while seated to eat or drink. Remember these rules may be subject to change.

Track & Trace – the names and contact details of every person over 16 will have to be provided for the purposes of track and trace. Customers will be encouraged to use the government app, which you can download here*. Alternatively, if you can’t, or don’t want to use the app, you will be able to give us your details on a form, which we will keep for 21 days.

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Page last updated 19th May 2021